Intellectual Desert?

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The term “intellectual desert” means a  place that lacks quality stimuli that would satisfy my intellectual curiosity.

You see I am not a heavy weigh when it comes to the brain department.  But I do need to feed my pea brain on a regular basis, however light weigh that it might be.

The internet usually provides a reliable source for my mental nourishment.  But I need more than just the virtual world that the internet offers.  I need real world interactions with people.  People whom I can look at and share feelings with.

So, this is particularly challenging when I am on travel.  As a visitor, I generally have interactions with people on a superficial level.  No deep conversations with the bell captain nor political debates with the taxi driver.

Ever being starved of intellectual stimuli? What solutions would you share?

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3 Responses to Intellectual Desert?

  1. An acknowledged contrarian, I often go the opposite way from you, Terry. When in an unknown environment with unfamiliar people and surroundings, I comfortably probe total strangers. I will invite them to share a bit about themselves with me. And if they are hesitant, I’ll encourage them to ‘dig a little deeper.’ If they’re uninterested, that’s fine; I’ll simply move on to the next prospective connection and try again. More often than not, deeper questions yield deeper connections – at least in my experiences. 🙂

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    • terryshen says:

      Thanks Eric, that is why you are the pro. I agree that deeper questions yield deeper connections. But deeper questions also require tact and skills. So they don’t come across as probing as you surely already know.

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      • A pro? At what?? 🙂 I’m just out there trying to navigate my way, as are all of us. Yes, asking deeper questions can be tricky. I’ve found that they will either engage and invite people into conversation and thus, potential connection or… find them running away as fast as they can. 🙂 Keep playing with it, Terry.


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