Movement & Energy

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Movement produces energy.  Both positive and negative energy.

Positive energy is the result when the movement aligns with our values, spirit, or any other important aspect of our lives. We feel confident, happy, and energized.  The movement could be as simple as smiling, breathing or providing words of encouragement. Or if it floats your boat, running a marathon.

Negative energy on the other hand is just the opposite.  It comes from movement that is in-congruent with us and saps our energy.  We feel down, tired and unhappy.  The movement could be subtle like poor postures, worrying, or reacting to others.

I try to avoid negative energy by being more aware of my movements, selecting the ones that will lead to positive outcomes.  For example, if I feel tired at the end of the day, I would bring out my yoga mat and spend quality time to rejuvenate my body and mind.

Movement also stimulates our brain.  As our body moves, the nerve system forms a mind-body connection that works in a holistic way.  The effect has been well demonstrated and is better than drug, in my opinion.

How do you create positive energy through movement? Or how do you avoid negative energy through movement?

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