Week In Review – 8 May 2016

Why we do what we do?

The why is the operative word and appears to be the theme for this week’s posts. Whatever we do, one thing is certain – it results in positive or negative energy.  It behooves us to know the why’s, so we can achieve our desired outcomes again and again.

In that light, 2016 is an election year in US.  The amount of energy that political candidates spend and generate is immense.  Does the means justify the ends?  What if they lose? Are they leading or managing?  Two signs that help to shed some light on the why’s are soliciting with nature and leading indicator.

My travel this week is the motivation behind the intellectual desert.  Also because of travel, I manage to run 10 miles (5 miles each on Monday and Friday).  Last but not least is to recognize that today is Mother’s Day.  To all the moms around the world, thank you and good job.

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