Calm In Midst Of Chaos

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Our mind as well as our surroundings are constantly trying to lure our attention away from the task at hand.  These distractions are incessant in their tenacity.

To the extent that we can control our environment, and our mind, it is a work that varies and should not be taken for granted.  For instance in the city, there are more people, cars, buses, pedestrians, and noises.  The effect and the effort required for calmness are significantly greater than say in the country side.

The sights and sounds of a city are chaotic.  Being not a city person, I find myself getting over-stimulated easily while trying to notice things.  Not an easy task.  I suppose people do get used to the distractions after a while and learn to tune them out.

But sometimes, I see the emotionless facial expressions as if they are tuning themselves out.  Perhaps it is easy to give up on resisting and give in to these distractions when there seems to be no escape.  Allowing oneself to be mentally hijacked. Surrender.

How to restore and maintain that sense of balance between self  and outside world is a lifelong lesson.  One tip is to look to nature for clues.  Does not matter how rushed, the nature gets everything done in a day.  Everything!

What do you do to maintain that delicate balance between self and others? Coping suggestions?

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