Member Of The Community?

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I have lived in my suburban neighborhood for close to a quarter of a century (24 years).  My sons were born in the community hospital, went to the local schools, grew up in this unincorporated locale.  To them this is home.  Of course.

What does this community mean to me?  Is it just another phase of my life?  Am I looking forward to move on?  Do I call this place home like my children do or just a transition stop (albeit for 24 years)? I really wonder.

On a macro level communities are important.  Township by township, they form the backbone of the society and the fabricate of its cultural heritage.  Community provides identities and roots for its people.  It is the common bond that unites strangers into neighbors.

So, where does the sense of belonging come from?  Is it the people I come to know? the time I spent in the location? or what?  Does the community membership happen by default? or do I work hard to earn it? More specifically what have I done to earn my membership here?

How do you identify with your community?  What do you do to engage and be part of your communities?

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