Nature’s Company

Running through woods, I search for signs that the rangers have marked for the trails. Praying that I don’t get lost and get eaten by a bear.  In doing so, I hardly notice the beautiful trees, rocks, and streams surrounding the trails.  Not exactly a nature’s person by any stretch of the definition.  But I would like to be closer to the nature and learn to enjoy the nature’s company.

Growing up in the city, the closest place to nature for me was a park.  Yup.  Parks with signs at the entrances that denote them as parks and trash cans throughout for people to keep the parks clean. There were even benches and rest rooms for people’s convenience. National Geographic they were not.  But such was my childhood exposure to nature.

Now that I get to run in the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal National Park every Saturday. Granted it is still a park, but it is a very big park and probably the closest to nature as I need.  I am not trying to get on a Survival Island reality show to prove that I can survive, or not.  The show will not survive if that were the case.

So today, while running through the woods, I paused.  Albeit for a brief moment (remember the part about the bear – just kidding). I wanted to soak in the scenery, the feeling, and if nothing else to appreciate the nature’s company.

Are you comfortable with Nature?  Do you find solace in it?  What is the best part of Nature that you enjoy?

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