Creating That Space

is more important psychologically than physically.

What do I mean?  We need space for ourselves.  It is imperative for our sanity.

If and when our physical reality can not accommodate, such as on a crowded bus or when the boss is on a war path, we need a psychological space to preserve our sanity.  To avoid losing our marbles all at once.  A space between the the in breath and out, between stimulus and response, and between love and hate.

How do we create that space?  Foremost is to recognize that we have control of our own psychological space.  Believing is the first step in that creation process.  Follow up with incremental execution in creating that space.  Incremental because it takes time to master our mind.  With practice, we gain familiarity with our mind.  And overtime,  the space becomes ours.

Why is it important to create that space?  With the psychological space, we can observe our mind in action, detach our behavior from emotional hijacking, and remain in better control of our actions.

Do you have a buffer zone or safe space?  A space that allows you to take a breather or bounce back?  

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