A Case For Self Exorcism

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As we mature and learn about ourselves, we bound to come across, what I called, psychological demons such as loneliness, self doubt, guilt, and host of other evils that are ready to rare their ugliness on us at a drop of the hat.

These demons can be powerful and deeply embedded within us.  Their exorcism may require outside help (i.e. professional intervention).  Fortunately, for most people it is a maturation process of DIY (do it yourself) variety.

Throughout my life, I had a few of these projects.  My relationship with cockroach is one of such examples.

Not trying to trivialize the process of self exorcism.  All of us have, to certain extent, baggage that need to be dealt with.   How we approach and eliminate these negative psychological demons from our lives make up part of who we are and want to be.  The sooner the better.

Do you have skeletons in your closet that need to be cleansed? Any success stories to share?

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