In Our Hearts

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lies the most tender feelings, fondest memories, and deeply held values.  It is simply priceless.  How much do we invest in maintaining this emotional asset?  Very little.  Why?

We would spend resources in maintaining our house, cars, and other physical assets.  Why not our hearts?  The common answer is “too busy.”  Too busy with job, family, chores, or routines that we don’t have time to take care our own emotional well being.

Sounds foolish?  YES. But most of us are guilty of fallen into that trap from time to time. As a minimum, set aside time, however brief, everyday or week to listen to our hearts. Find what best way to recharge our emotional battery.  Be it reading, moment of silence, or reflection.

Whatever the solution, best do it.  Our hearts is too precious to waste.

How do you maintain your emotional asset? Do you know the best way to nourish your heart?

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2 Responses to In Our Hearts

  1. Marta Frant says:

    While charging your phone’s betteries don’t forget to recharge your own ones 🙂


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