Alone But Not Lonely, Part II

Part I, here.

Now-a-days people can be alone but not lonely. Thanks to the technology of internet and smart phone.  Whether at the coffee shop, train station, or staying home, one can always remain connected electronically.

But what if when the electronic connection option disappeared?   Like when one goes out to the mountain where no connectivity is available.  What then would the situation be? Cold turkey,  withdraw, or something worse?

Why couldn’t it be comfortable to be alone by oneself?  Like reading a good book where one can be mentally and emotionally connected with the author.  Or dare I say connected to oneself?  Such as meditation, moment of silence, or just quiet sitting.

Don’t make the mistake of substituting the alone time with busy to do’s. Instead, use the opportunity to explore one’s heart, thoughts, or other important dimensions. When was the last time when that happened?

Loneliness is dreadful and a disease that is preventable.  It does not have to be a last minute panic if one manages to be comfortable with the self all along.

How do you enjoy being alone?  What do you do when loneliness does strike?

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