Transition To Summer

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Memorial Day weekend is coming up.  Besides being a holiday weekend and a major shopping/ sales event in the U.S., the Memorial Day marks the beginning of summer. Yup, it is that time already.

What does that mean?  The pools will be open for one.  Kids of all ages will get to put on their sun tan lotion (woo, love that smell, not), dip in the pools and splash each other with a little summer wet and wild fun.  The pools will stay open till Labor Day.

In the  years past when our kids were swimming in a summer league, our calendars were filled with swim meets and practices. Getting ready for the summer was a family project. And the smells of sun tan lotion and chlorine from the pool were constant reminders of the season in our house. While fun, I was glad those days are history.

Of course, weather is right on queue. Daytime highs are climbing into the 80s.  Even in the morning, I can feet the heat rising from the pavement.  Despite running from shade to shade, my sweat keep on dripping down my eye brows and getting into my eyes.  What happened to the cool 60 degree days just a week or two ago?

So, the on my list of things to prepare are sun tan lotion, bottled water, and frozen yogurt.  Lots of them.

What rituals, if any, do you go through to get ready for the summer?  

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