2016 Presidential Election – News Break

In case you haven’t heard – Trump won the Republican Nomination for President.  Now the Democrats need to come up with their candidate.  Either way the general election in November will be exciting.  (Step 1 of How To Become President of the United States below).


TIMELINE FOR STEPS 2-4 (source: Wikipedia)


  • June 4 – Virgin Islands Democratic caucuses
  • June 5 – Puerto Rico Democratic caucuses
  • June 7 – Democratic primaries/caucuses held in California, Montana, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Dakota, and South Dakota; Republican primaries/caucuses held in aforementioned states except North Dakota
  • June 14 – Washington, D.C. Democratic primary







  • December 19 – The Electors (members) of the Electoral College meet in their respective state capitals (electors for the District of Columbia meet within the District) and formally vote for the President and Vice President



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