After the Memorial Day Weekend

Mother Nature was cooperative to the Washington area this Memorial Day holiday.  No rain, hurricane, earthquake.  Only sunshine and lots of it.  Governments and many private businesses were closed in observance of this national holiday.  So it was a long weekend for many who hit the beach, mall, or simply backyard barbecue.  All good.

With the holiday in the rear view mirror and the summer upon us, I feel a sense of lethargy this morning.  Looking at the news headlines, it appears not much have changed. Politics and business as usual. Congress seems gets nothing done.  Politicians maneuver their spin machines by blaming others for the dysfunction and grab any opportunity for self grandiose accolades.

To shake off my lethargic mood, I take out my yoga mat and get down to work with myself – body, mind, and soul.  Breath by breath, movement after movement, my body starts to loosen. Blood circulation wakes up various parts of my limbs and cores.  I feel my inner space gradually opens up with the flow of each breath. And my spirit begins to lift.

Then I remember that I have an appointment with my dentist today.  Ugh . . .

How was your day after the long weekend?  Any issues in transition?  Plans to move on?

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