Of Poetry and Politics

I am neither a poet nor a politician.  But something about poetry and politics motivated me to compare the two.

To begin, poetry and politics are both products and symbols of humanity.  They have been around as long, if not longer, as human history.  Throughout the history, people’s yearnings are manifested in both poetry and politics.

Whether it is about a better world, happier life, quest for power or wealth, or some other human desires, poetry and politics provide the vehicles for the esoteric’s and the platforms for incredible human accomplishments.  Notable members include Shakespeare, TS Eliot, Abraham Lincoln, just to name a few.

Similarly, poetry and politics are idealistic and illusive.  They serve as targets for human inspiration in that both mimic life and at times drive it.  They inspire in perpetuity. But there is something different about the two makes them strange bedfellows.

Distinctly, the execution to poetry and politics are night and day different.  Don’t know if I have ever heard people label politics beautiful or poetry dirty.  But I do notice that poetry defies gravity while politics seems always obeys gravity (i.e. what goes up must come down).

Do you agree that poetry and politics inspire people? The same way?

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