The Right Answer?

Here is the scenario:

Awkward silence.  .  .

What is the right answer?  

[The more the brain tries, the more life exits the conversation.]

C’mon!  What is that I am supposed to say but can’t think of it?  

Ever experienced such awkward moment? Perhaps once or twice?  Well, that is once or twice too many.  It is uncomfortable. Embarrassing to say the least.  It ranks up there with fear of falling, forgetting your name in a speech contest, and other nightmares.

Rather die than to live through another one of these experiences?

Don’t blame you.  Let’s see why do we put ourselves in those situations what I call performance anxiety.  The pressure is mostly self inflicted.  We presume that a right answer exists.  And that others expect us to know what is the answer.

But actually “what is the right answer?” is the wrong paradigm.   Early life scripting is misleading.  There is no right answer to every situation/ question in real life.  Why beat ourselves up for thinking there is got to be a right answer?

Awkwardness happens only if you assumed there is a right answer.

Do you believe there is a right answer to every situation/ question? What would you say in such a scenario?

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