To Call It Quits?

Our society abhors quitters.

No trophies, monuments, or shrines were ever built to commemorate quitters. Winner never quits,and quitters never win.  The saying goes.

Credits usually goes to the other group, the initiators – the individuals who started something.  Showering them with accolades like trailblazers, trendsetters, early adopters, or whatever.

But the catch is that calling-it-quits is not only necessary but important.  Nothing lasts forever.  And too much of anything is simply too much.  It is natural to move on, to pull the plug, and to call it quits.

To know when to call it quits requires traits of vision, leadership, and courage.  Most people are followers – happy to go along and get along.  So actually calling it quits is a change to the norm or status quo.

Perhaps If only we give it a different label, the stigma will then change.  Instead of quitting,  how about transition? new beginning?  After all, every end is a new beginning, right?

How do you feel about quitting? Is there a right time to call it quits?

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