Being Fit Does Not Mean Being Healthy

Fitness and health are often used interchangeably.  But this is not only misleading but also dangerous.

Being fit does not mean being healthy.  This is why we are shocked upon hearing professional level athletes dropped dead on the field.  Because we erroneously equate fitness to health.

Fitness means specificity, the ability to do a task or activity.  Common examples of fitness include biking, running, or swimming of certain distance.  Whereas health means a broader level, the ability to support a way of life that is free from sickness or pain.

Fitness involves activity of some sort that stimulates various systems of the body and maintains a certain condition within the body.

Health, on the other hand, involves EVERY system of the body, and is only achieved through a life style that supports health.

– Dr. Jeffrey Maehr of Pure Health Systems

In another words, being fit in one sport does not translate to another nor to overall health. There is more to health than meets the eyes.  “One can exercise regularly and be incredibly fit, yet he still have problems with his heart, lungs, or other parts of his body.” Source: Smartlivingnetwork.

What is your definition of a g healthy person?

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