Reblog: Self Compassion

Compassion is a word that may seems more applicable toward others than with self.  Not true. Compassion is incomplete without including the self according to postings below. Life isn’t fair, but that does not mean we shouldn’t.  Be kind to others but also to yourself.

In life, there will be times of failure, and times of regret. Times of frustration, and times of worry. Moments of insecurity and inadequacy plague even the most confident among us. We will all experience some level of self-doubt and self-criticism, and this is what makes the practice of self-compassion so vitally important. Today, rather…

via If Your Compassion Does Not Include Yourself, It Is Incomplete – Buddha — The Seeds 4 Life

Are you harder on yourself than with others?  What would you do to be more kind and gentle with yourself? 

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