Week In Review – 12 Jun 2016

With the rising of the temperature comes closer the steps of summer.

This time of the year around Washington DC can be very enjoyable. It is not lost on me to use the time to consider what strategy for transition into summer running.

Particularly for masters-runner (i.e. age of 40 and over) such as myself, this awareness becomes increasingly important.  As our body takes longer to recover from injury and I am not ready to call it quits on running marathons, I will need to embrace this reality and factor it into my upcoming training.

While achieving PRs (personal records) feels great, I am running for my health.   How hard I push and what is good for me requires a delicate balance.  Either way, self compassion goes a long way – a truism that I am still mastering.

Ran 22 miles (6 miles on Monday, 4 Wed, 6 each on Fri & Sat).

Have a great week!

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