Writing Meditation, Part II

Part I, here. Yes, at times I meditate while writing.  Just like when I run or drive.

Although it has been a while since I last wrote to meditate.  But the process is quite straight forward and liberating.  It is similar to the traditional meditation approach where the breath is the “door” leading into calming and observing the mind.

Writing meditation uses words.  Focusing on whatever comes to mind.   Call it Stream of Conscious Writing or whatever other names.  The goal remains the same – to work with and observe our mind.

You may be wondering – why the fascination with the mind?

Our mind is unique.  It can be brilliant (think Einstein) as well as evil (think Hitler).  Our mind drives our behavior.  Even though we try our best to control our behaviors by conforming to the prevailing social standards, we  don’t always succeed.

It is obvious from the news that we slip from time to time.  Car crashes, suicides, etc. Thankfully, those are the exceptions, and our collective behaviors is keeping the world in tact.  So if you are thinking . . . why not give writing meditation a try?

Do you meditate? Have you tried writing meditation?  

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2 Responses to Writing Meditation, Part II

  1. Candy says:

    I often suggest this as a daily to clients when their distressing thoughts keep spinning around in their minds. They find that this type of writing relieves them of stress and worry. Thanks for the post.


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