Running Goals – 2016

For a long time, my running goals have been running for my health on a macro level and qualifying for the Boston Marathon tactically.  The golden rule in goal setting is specificity. The more clear, detailed the goals are the more likely they will be accomplished.

So what will be my goals for this training season?

I am over 50 (closer to 60 actually). Therefore, a PR (personal record) is probably a thing of the past.  More likely, validation of my identify as a marathoner and commitment to a healthy life style are more align with where I am.

In case you are wondering – why set goals?  why not just go out and run?  My personal experience has been  that goal serves a useful target.   It let me know not only when I reached my targets but also when and where I need to re-focus my efforts.

For 2016, my running goal will be optimized running economy.*  By that, I mean to develop my running form and style in a most efficient manner.  In other words, burning as few calories as possible for the same distance and time.  Since I won’t be measuring my calories, the finishing time will be my surrogate scorecard.

*the body‘s natural gait uses recycled energy or elastic recoil for propulsion. As a runner‘s foot hits the ground, impact energy is stored in the muscles and tendons, and 95 percent of this energy is then used to spring the body forward like a pogo stick  .  .  .  if you land on your heels, are wearing bad shoes, or have muscle imbalances, the impact energy is dissipated or lost, and you must make up for the problem by contracting more muscles for propulsion which requires the use of more energy. Not only is this mechanically inefficient but it will slow you down, due to the higher cost of energy. –by Dr. Phil Maffetone

As usual, I will be trying different things this year.  So stay tune.

What is your running goal(s) for 2016?

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