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A new word that kept popping up to my eyeballs while surfing the net lately.  Whether I am on Youtube, financial news, politics, etc.  It is ubiquitous and perks my interest.

As it turns out, the word Brexit stands for a British referendum to be voted on 23 June (this Thursday) regarding whether Britain is to leave the European Union (i.e. Britain Exit).

Frankly, this topic would not have become my interest as Britain is far away from America, and I have little interaction with Britain or EU.  But no mistake, the Brexit is a big deal over there on the other side of the pond.

It is such an intense issue that a British Parliament member (Jo Cox) was killed last week because her support for Britain to remain with the EU. The killer shouted “My name is death to traitors! Freedom for Britain!” during his court appearance.

Do you know what Brexit means?  If so, what is your position? In or out? More about Brexit here.

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