Big Data Applied?

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The internet contains abundant data, and it is growing by leaps and bounds.  With the aid of the search function/ engines, information at the finger tips is no longer a cliche but a reality.

Moreover, business are eager to capitalize on these data and turn them into marketable information (and profits).  Examples of common day-to-day applications include:

  • Package tracking
  • Weather forecast
  • Navigation Map
  • Social Network (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

As the information technology becomes mature and the sea of data more manageable, only the sky is the limit for Big Data innovations.  The question becomes how to harness this resource and apply them in specific tasks with proper skill.

In that regard, machine learning offers a superior alternative at certain tasks.  Modeled after human brain, the machines have the capacity to take in million examples of a particular task (from the big data), develop layers of information (i.e. patterns) and connections between layers, and make decisions.

No doubt, the machine will beat human brain at these tasks.  It has already done so in the games of chess, poker, go, etc.  It is not a question of if or when but what.

What is your view about the Big Data?  Too overwhelming or not enough? How can it be better utilized? What other ways can we turn knowledge into a marketable skill(s)?

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