Week In Review – 26 Jun 2016

Sign of the times.

Summer arrived  this week and, with it, my earlier daily run to avoid the heat.  This week was made even hotter figuratively speaking by Brexit, the referendum that voted to exit the European Union.  A historical moment no less.

The decision surprised many in Britain and worldwide.  But one must ask how come there was no Big Data analytics forecasting the writing on the wall?  It was a planned event with strong sentiments on either side.  Not even exit polling during the voting.

Compared to the U.S. Presidential election, the Americans are inundated with survey results and polling data. Trends and analyses.  The bottom line – in this modern day and information age, voters should not be surprised.  That apparently wasn’t the case.  Google reported a surge in Brexit search AFTER the voting.

As a result, the  political establishment took the bullet – the Prime Minister of United Kingdom resigned. More to come as the dust settles.

Was it a case of the PM’s failing to set boundary or the voters fell for emotional appeal of the nationalism or urgency addition?  I don’t know.  But my heart goes out to them and hope the same will not happen to the American voters in the upcoming general election.

Ran 25 miles this week (6 miles on Monday, 4 on Wed, 6 and 9 on Fri and Sat).

Have a great week.

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