Day 1 Week 1 – First Day of Training

6/27/16 – 7 AM run, cool and dry, w/u 3 miles, 5 x 800m (3.16, 3.03, 3,21, 3.11, 3.30), c/d 2.5 miles, total 8 miles.

My marathon training (20 weeks) started today.  No more off season, running in the woods, or free spirited runs.  Consequently, my blog entry shifts to a running log format (as seen above).

Key to abbreviations: w/u = warm up, c/d = cool down, m=meter, x.xx = minutes.seconds

I ran today’s 5 half mile intervals by keeping my stride rate as close to 180 strides per minute as possible while opening my stride length with hip extension, toe push off, and minus laborious breathing.  I ran a bit fast but kept adjusting until the last interval which was my target pace of 7 minute per mile.

My goal this season is to run healthy and run efficiently.  Accomplishing these goals will involve more than just the runs, but also gears, nutrition, exercises, and other factors supporting those goals.   I will be including them in the blogs as they happen.  So stay tune.



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