Day 2 Week 1 – Healthy Running

6/28/16 – 8 AM run, cloudy and dry, 6 easy miles

The biggest shift for me this marathon training season is migrating to healthy running.

What do I mean by healthy running?  Aren’t we all running for our health?

“Healthy running” is, I quote from Dr. Mark Cucuzzella, “sustainable injury-free running with efficient running form, nutrition, and minimal shoes.” Source: Natural Running Center.

Sustainable. I prefer to run as long as I am able.  Seeing marathoners in their 70’s inspires me and gives hope to that running is sustainable if we do it right.

Injury-free.  Most runners are self coached and have experienced injuries one way or another.  Whether it is due to pushing too hard, inadequate knowledge, or whatever, injury sucks.  Not only painful, injury can sideline runners and stop them from doing what they love.

For human beings, running is as natural as breathing.  That is how our ancestors hunted and survived.  Civilization and evolution have made us forgot this vital skill.  But never fear, it is possible to re-discover this efficient running form.  Children do it naturally, barefooted.

What do you think about healthy running? A fad? Please provide your thoughts and comments below.

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