Day 3 Week 1 – The Bounce

6/29/16 – 8 AM run, sunny and pleasant, low humidity, 6 easy miles plus 4 striders.

Part of my preparation to transition into the minimal shoes is running barefooted on grass field.  Yes, barefooted, you read it correctly. I have been slowly building my distance, up to four miles now.

As you can imagine that the grass field comes across very differently from before.  The sensation of the grass surface, its texture, unevenness, temperature and moisture (not to mention the air) is like a foot massage in the morning.

Further, this awareness extends to my legs and joints.  Of interest is the recoil force from each stride.  The sensation is as if I am jumping from foot to foot (e.g. right-left-right-left), and the recoil force from each bounce creates an efficiency that helps the foot’s return in each stride.

The feeling of the recoil effect is most exaggerated during my striders runs.  My open strides aided by hip extension creates that extra tension as stored energy which in turn helps to recover the legs. It literally puts a bounce in my steps.

Have you experienced the bounce?

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