Day 6 Week 1 – Learn By Doing!

7/2/2016 – 7 AM run, sunny and beautiful, 9 miles fun run in the woods.

Hard to teach an old dog new trick?  Nay!  For me, learn by doing is better than say learning from a book.  The hands on approach is my favorite for several reasons:

More involved.  By trying it out, my wondering mind is called into action – actively processing information.  This way, I minimize the knowing-doing gap.  You know that “thought I understood it but I couldn’t repeat “. . .  It is a way for me to be more active and engaged in the learning process.

Direct feedback.  By being the doer, I discover nuances in the process that would otherwise be overlooked easily.  These insights help me to internalize the information and sustain my interest on my own pace –  good chance that I will retain what I learnt longer.

Admittedly, learn by doing is not for everyone.  It may be more time consuming, challenging, or even frustrating at times.  But it works for me.

Understand that people have different learning styles.  What works for one may not be right for others.  Each would have to find their own path.

How do you learn? What works for you?



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