Day 7 Week 1 – Week In Review (3 Jul 2016)

My 20 week training for the Harrisburg Marathon started this week.

Needless to say as I previously blogged this is a big event for me.  One immediate difference is my weekly mileage – it jumped up to 37 miles for the week.

The goal this season is to run healthy, specifically injury-free and more efficient.  I am modifying how I train physically and mentally.  By extension, these changes make a more interesting training program.

It should be no surprise that I like to experiment with my marathon training each year. Try different things. This is how I learn.

Update to my previous blog on the Brexit.  The Wall Street Journal reported that thousands turned out in London to protest against  the Brexit.  Whether it’s buyers’ remorse or distrust with the political establishment, people are not happy.  I hope the same will not happen in the U.S. election.

Have a great week!

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