Day 1 Week 2 – Going Minimal

7/4/2016 – 8 AM run, overcast and cool, 6 easy miles with sport sandals


My new Xero Amuri Z-Trek Sandals

Part of my training is to go with minimal shoes for healthy running.  I have selected a sport sandal from Xeroshoes,  Here is a review.

After walking around barefooted for three weeks, I tried out my new sandals on the road today.  Being the first time out with the sandals, I was going to take it easy.  Run as far as the sandals felt good.  That was the plan.

First, the sandals was very comfortable.  My feet and legs were fine with the thin (5.5 mm) sole. In fact, I could feel the pebbles on the road surface, true to the Xeroshoes’ slogan of “feel the world.”

So on the account of the comfortable sandals and a nice cool morning temperature, I went for the whole 6 miles.  That turned out to be a bit much for the first time out.  On the return, the bottom of my right foot started to rub on the outside edge.

So like every patriotic runner, I compensated it by rolling my foot inward (pronation) on the last mile or so.  And I ended up with two blisters under my right foot – on the outside edge and under the big toe joint.  Ouch!

Have you tried minimal shoes? If so, what’s your experience?

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