Day 2 Week 2 – Action & Intention

7/5/2016 – no running, nursing my blisters

I am walking around with a limp because of the blisters under my right foot. Even though the blisters are the reason for me not able to run, the cause of this grounding is really the miscalculation between my action and intention.

What do I mean?

Actions and intentions are the twins that are “wired” in us.  Action is visible, intention is not.  But the two are bounded inextricably by a thread, called will.  The clothes we wear,  the foods we eat,  and the people we meet are examples of the pervasiveness of this presence.

When the outcome is well, the action and intention connected by our will, work at a blink of an eye.  We hardly notice them.  That is until when our will becomes out of balance, we miscalculate.. Consequently the outcome can be quite disappointing.  As was evidenced by my blisters.

One thing is for sure. When that miscalculation happens, our action and intention become estranged.

Have you examined lately your actions, intentions, and see how well are they working together?  Any miscalculations?

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