Day 3 Week 2 – Barefoot Walking

7/6/2016 – no running, nursing blisters, day 2

Some of my neighbors have seen me walking barefooted for weeks along the sidewalk and driveway.  

It is what I have been preparing myself for the minimal shoes that I will wear while running and what Dr. Mark Cucucella, Director of Natural Running Center, called Barefoot Therapy.

Surely as a kid I walked barefoot.   But it was so long ago.  Honestly I couldn’t remember how it felt.  So this barefoot therapy has been quite a rediscovery for me.  One thing I did not know was that our feet (and ankles) contain*:

  • 26 bones (One-quarter of the bones in the human body);
  • 33 joints; and
  • more than 100 muscles, tendons and ligaments

These amazing pieces together absorb tons of impact and provide bases for our movement. And barefoot walking helped this learning process to develop naturally without the interference of any man-made devices such as arch support or padded heels.

For me, the barefoot walking sensations is like what Steven Sashen, CEO of Xero Shoes,  described as to “feel the world.”  

When my toes are liberated from any restraints, they are free to wiggle, breathe, and expand – truly happy feet.  With this freedom, I find it hard to go back to some of my footwear that no longer feel comfortable.

And if walking meditation is your practice, I guarantee that barefoot walking will enhance your experience.

Do you remember how it feels to walk barefooted? 

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3 Responses to Day 3 Week 2 – Barefoot Walking

  1. I also spent a lot of time barefoot as a child. I still do walk around barefoot quite a bit now, but I admit I’m not sure how I’d like to run without shoes.

    I’m always reminded, when I walk outside without shoes, how you forget about that feedback from the soles of your feet, which you don’t get when you’re wearing shoes. Above all, the temperature and texture. You have to choose where to place your feet. It’s a good exercise in mindfulness, I think .


  2. I do not usually enjoy walking barefoot except on the beach so a walking meditation without shoes is completely new to me. Sounds interesting! I’m glad you’ve found your happy feet!

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