Day 4 Week 2 – Summer Fun?

7/7/2016 – no running, nursing blisters, day 3

This is day 3 for me to be grounded by blisters under my right foot.  But in a way, it was a blessing in disguise.  The Washington D.C. summer heat kicked in on high gear.

Early in the morning, the thermometer outside of my house registered 81 Fahrenheit. Only up a few notches from last night’s 70’s.  But it was enough to make me sweat just thinking about it.  Let alone running in it.

As the day went on, it got hotter.  The afternoon temperature were above 90’s. Hiding indoor where the constant humming of the air conditioning had an hypnotic effect on me, it was a challenge just to avoid nodding off.

Funny thing is that comes later at night I will probably be wide awake.  What else do I expect? It’s summer after all.

What is your favorite activities to stay cool in the summer?

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