Day 5 Week 2 – All Lives Matter

7/8/2016 – 8AM run, warm with slight breeze, 2 easy miles

Have been nursing the blisters under my right feet for the past three days.  Finally, I went out today and tested them by running easily for two miles in my minimal shoes. Everything good. This time I learned my lessons and would build my distance back up gradually.

News of the recent shootings in Louisiana, Minnesota, Texas and other places across America has been disheartening. These violence are indicative of our failures in human relation, and America has issues that are desperately seeking solutions.

First and foremost – killing is never the solution because of One, it will not solve the underlying problem(s) and Two, all lives matter.

Labels like “race relations” and “gun violence” mislead and distract our attention to emotionally laden political issues.   Lets not fall into the same traps.  That is how we ended up where we are now.

From the most basic level, we humans are all different and yet the same.  Our differences reflect our individual uniqueness.  Our common interests in safety and happiness unite us in the pursuit of the same goals.

In maintaining civility, fundamental values and behaviors such as respect and patience are prerequisites.  To foster these virtues and a chance to address the real issue we must believe and embrace the principle that all lives matter.

How can we get along better with each other in addressing our concerns?

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