Day 2 Week 3 – Human Versus Machine?

7/12/2016 – no running, hot & humid, traveling

Machines are tools designed to reduce human efforts and increase our productivity.

In this regard, technological evolution has catapulted the machine capabilities into an era where human can no longer compete with the machines one-on-one.  Consequently, many human beings have lost their jobs to machines in areas such as auto workers, secretaries, farmers.  Just to name a few.

The saying used to be that humans are still smarter than machine.  This is now debatable as more and more functions are being replaced by the machines.  While the machines are getting smarter, how about us human?  What are we doing to improve ourselves besides being the users of technology?

College graduates confront this reality head on in their job search. They are not competing with the machines (that is a no win proposition). They are really competing with themselves on how well they can master the technology.

Do you think human is winning over machine or the other way around?

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