Day 5 Week 3 – Missed Opportunity

7/15/2016 – 4 PM run, cloudy & overcast, 6 easy miles

Understand that not everything we want or set out to do materializes. Life can be unpredictable if you haven’t already experienced.  So disappointment is something quicker learnt the better.

On the other hand, life offers surprises and produces serendipitous outcomes. Love, lottery, just to name a few.  Miracles happen everyday.  A gracious acceptance when it happens is all is required.

Therefore, crying over spilled milk or dawdling on wishful thinking is recipe for missed opportunity. Here and now are the key to be mindful of.  Set clear intention which will help to work with life’s ebbs and flow.

Are you clear on your intention?  Or are you letting others dictating it?


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