Day 6 Week 3 – Psychological Health?

7/16/2016 – rainy, rest day

Physical and psychological health are like the Cinderella and her sisters. The physical health is well understood and favored like the sisters while the psychological health is like the Cinderella, well hidden from public and ignored.

Dr. Guy Winch made this abundantly clear during his Ted Talk.  Specifically, psychological injuries like loneliness, rejection, and fear are more prevalent than the physical ones, and yet we hardly know how to handle them.

So when “assaulted” by put down, let down, or shut down (mnemonic devices for the likes of criticism, disappointment, and rejection) or someone who just want to push our buttons, how do we respond in a way that will preserve our psychological health?

I am no psychologist, thus offer no advise.  But to help kick off the discussions, I suggest creating a space, a psychological space which will allow whatever feeling to be processed.  The benefit may not be immediate, and the practice will require patience.

But it is a start.

Do you have any insights on how to take care of your psychological health? Care to share?


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