Day 1 Week 4 – Recovery

7/18/2016 – 7 PM run, slightly humid, 2 miles

Walked a lot during the day (i.e. sightseeing), but still managed to get 2 easy miles in.

The saying of “it’s not how you fall but how you recover that makes the difference” hits home the important point of recovery, often neglected in people’s mind.

Who does not fall from time to time.  We all do.  No shame in that.  But, the best example of recovery goes to Abraham Lincoln who lost eight elections, twice failed in business and suffered a nervous breakdown.  Call him a recovery artist.

Recovery is in fact natural part of our make up.  Good athletes incorporate recovery as part of their training.  Successful people know that brute force or pure determination alone is not enough.  If you fall down, get back up.  Learn to do it gracefully.

How you recover makes a world of difference.

Ever spot a good recovery? Or have one to share yourself? Recovery gets overlooked more than it should.

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