Day 2 Week 4 – Tourist Trap?

7/19/2016 – no running, sightseeing

Tourist trap has always had a negative connotation to me – a rip off where exorbitant prices are charged for the sake of convenience.  Only tourist would fall for that scheme.

I am smarter, so it would never happen to me.  That is until today.

You see, I am in a foreign place with full of strangers.  My basic needs are  at mercy of what is readily available.  Basic things like finding a restroom? Directions? Restaurant? Food?

So on a hot summer day while visiting my third museum, I am tired and dying of thirst. Where can I find a cold bottle of water to save my life? Guess what? How about the vendor who is right there in the vicinity with a selection of ice cold drinks?

All of a sudden, the prices become more reasonable as I rationalized that I have a real need (remember I was dying) and the vendor has what I wanted.  Where else can I find a cheaper alternative, before I died?

The price is what the market will bear (aka what I was reluctant but willing to pay). A simple supply and demand economic solution.

Or putting it another way, wearing the tourist shoes, I admit that the “tourist trap” serves a real need and isn’t all that bad after all.

Have you been in a predicament of being a tourist? Any horror story?



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2 Responses to Day 2 Week 4 – Tourist Trap?

  1. At the airport! I always feel I’m paying too much for water but they know most people are about to board a flight and are willing to pay anything. Which I will.


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