Day 3 Week 4 – Individual Difference

7/20/2016 – 5 AM run, cool, 6 easy miles

On my running route, I saw a school with a field track.  So I stopped in and ran barefoot for half of a mile.

Today’s significant political event is Mr. Donald Trump’s official nomination by the Republican Party to be its 2016 Presidential candidate.  My congratulations to Mr. Trump and condolences to the Republican Party.

Congratulations because Mr. Trump rose from being a real estate person to celebrity businessman and, in short order, now the Republican Presidential candidate.  By whatever standards Mr. Trump has accomplished a personal achievement that can not be denied.

And condolences for Republican establishment who failed to stop Mr. Trump’s securing the party’s nomination.  Its antithetical failure to Mr. Trump’s achievement demonstrated the incredible ineptness of the party.

Do you follow the U.S. Presidential race?  Any opinion on Mr. Trump’s nomination?

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2 Responses to Day 3 Week 4 – Individual Difference

  1. Mrs. Mother Dirt says:

    That’s a loaded question. I am a registered independent and probably one of the few that swing my vote to either party depending on the candidate’s platform. I am still waiting to see who Hilary chooses as her VP. It will be an interesting election. Where is Ron Paul when you need him? 🙂


    • terryshen says:

      Ha ha. Agree that 2016 election will be an interesting one for sure. As none of the candidates is without controversy, their VP teammates got a tough order to follow. BTW, the independents are actually in the majority over the Republicans or the Democrats according the Gallup poll. Good luck with your choice.

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