Day 6 Week 4 – Things I Take For Granted

7/23/2016 –  7 PM run, hot 92 degree, 4 easy miles

Waited till after sun set but the temperature was still in the 90s. The four mile run was not bad.  Cooling off afterward was difficult than the run.

# # #

As each day goes by so is our age.  Hardly notice the changes until one day. . .

One day that you find out you no longer can do the things that you used to do.

I used to be able to sleep anywhere and through any situations.  One time I fell asleep with my book bag underneath my back.  No problem.  On airplane takeoff I would be gone before the wheels were folded.  I used to pride myself on this care-free mindset.  No more.

I used to be able to touch my toes.  Back bend and leg splint were easy.  They were standard warm up routines for my gymnastic and wrestling practices in school.  In my mind, I always felt they are the basic flexibility.  Until, the shock I felt one day when they are out of my reach.

I used to dream big.  My imagination was active and vivid.  Nothing was impossible. And the sky was the limit. Weren’t we all there once?  With the passage of time, boundaries got set with realities.  The high flying dream became a thing of the past.  Can’t remember when was the last time. . .

What do you miss from your earlier life?  

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