Day 7 Week 4 – Week In Review (24 Jul 2016)

7/24/2016 – crossing training with Yoga for core, strength & flexibility

My trip overseas spanned almost two weeks. This week was the second part which included the transition back home.

First, a word about my training.  This part of my 20 weeks marathon training is supposed to be the base run. That is gradually building up my mileage and strength for the more rigorous and challenging training later.

Due to the combination of my introduction to the minimal shoes and this trip, my weekly mileage has been quite low.  All on purpose and for good reason.  Not a problem.  Now back, I will concentrate more on this base run phase.   Still early in the training.

Now about my trip.

I like travel.  It has always been a great learning opportunity.  The changing landscape, scenery, people all add to my experience.  As such, I prefer travel leisurely by wondering around.   As J.R.R. Tolkien, author of The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings described “Not all those who wander are lost.”

Given the above, this trip fell a bit short.  Two things I learned while overseas: One, I am not as young as before thus should not take things for granted.  Probably should have taken time to leisurely sightseeing and to account for the hot weather and the recovery time.   And Two, the tourist trap and Donald Trump both deserve their credits.

Ran a total of  12 miles this week in my minimum shoes.

Have a great week!

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