Day 2 Week 5 – Mind & Body

7/26/2016 – 6 AM run, 72 degree, 6 easy miles

Most of the time we move about without much thinking. Whom did you see during your commute today? Nobody?

Of course, our mind and body are connected through the nerve system.  The mind says, “I am hungry” and your stomach begins to growl, or vice versa.  The two are inextricably linked.

Or so you would think.

Ever notice that many of our daily tasks are performed mindlessly.  We “space out.” Our mind travel elsewhere while our bodies are physically moving.  The mind and body are light years apart.  Not an indictment just an observation.

Mindfulness or awareness is common sense but not common practice. We work hard to bring the mind and body together. This integration remains illusive and outside of our cognition still for many people.

Take meditation for instance.  We try to wrestle the mind away from its incessant excursions. Insodoing, we either become drifting with the thoughts or  trying too hard to the point of ceasing any body movements.

So, what is the alternative?

The answer is don’t fight it.  Instead, relax and stay in the present moment.  Eckhart Tolle calls it the Power of Now (his book with the same title).  Psychologist and Harvard Professor Ellen Langer refers it as to pay attention and noticing what is happening.  This here and now (i.e. mind and body together) approach will reap surprising benefit.

Studies have shown people feel and act younger.  Work is viewed as fun and beneficial.  When you feel happy everything happens more smoothly, for instance.  And vice versa, exercise makes us feel energized afterwards.

After all, the mind and body are supposed to be integrated by design.

When was the last time your body and mind feel completely aligned? That your thought and body are moving as one? Was it yesterday? Last week? Can’t remember?

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