Day 3 Week 5 – Early Morning Run

7/27/2016 – 6 AM run, 74 degrees, 8 miles

Go to the mountain if the mountain won’t come to you.

For the past couple of days, I have been getting up before dawn, waiting for the daybreak, so I can get out, run, and beat the heat.  The scorching heat of the Washington summer is just too hot to run in otherwise.

This cooler time in the morning has been working out so far.

At that time in the morning, it’s all quiet on the streets. Occasionally, a few compatriots would be out, and we would nod knowingly as we passed each others for having the similar idea.

The heat, humidity, and sun are more bearable in these morning runs.  Not sure how long it will last. But I am up to eight miles this morning.  Not bad.  In fact with my minimal shoes, I feel the ground as I run, kinda like a walking/ running meditation.

What a blessing. Just have to keep my fingers and toes crossed.

How do you work around the summer heat?

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