Day 4 Week 5 – Learning To Run

7/28/2016 – 6 AM run, humid, 8 miles plus 6 striders

Since I started running in my minimal shoes almost 4 weeks ago, sure change occurred. Every marathon training season offers opportunity for me to improve my running. From attitude, shoes, gears, to training methodology, you name it.

This time with the minimal shoes, I changed my gait.

I am more erect in my posture, my leg movements switch from front and back to more up and down (as in raising and lowering ) motion like jumping from one foot to the other.  Steven Sashen of the Xero Shoes calls this form the lifting off.

Benefits from this new gait are most noticeable in that no more blisters nor lower back pain for me.  Followed by the feeling of the recoil force in my more aligned connecting chain from mid-foot, ankle, to knee, and hip.

While the jury is still out and the balance of the training such as speed workouts yet to come, my new running form does feel healthier so far.

Stay tune.


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3 Responses to Day 4 Week 5 – Learning To Run

  1. Mrs. Mother Dirt says:

    I only wear Kalso shoes (negative heel – mimics barefoot & provides alignment) and have turned to Altra Zero-drop for gym/running and hiking. I have never heard of Xero or minimalist before, then again I am not really a “runner”. I actually prefer hiking and spin. I am going to check out the shoes though, they sounds like good alternatives to most shoes.


    • terryshen says:

      You can find quite a bit of info at but also online reviews. The 10 mm is probably better for hiking. Otherwise the 4 mm is what I have and great for running and other events. From the look of it, xero shoes should be lighter than kalso shoes. BTW, Xero shoes has a 5000 miles warranty.

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