Day 5 Week 5 – To Serve With A Reason

7/29/2016 – rest day no running, yoga – core

As I watched the Hilary Clinton accepting her party’s nomination to be the Democratic Presidential candidate, a question popped in my head: what motivates someone to serve?

First, a congratulations to Mrs. Clinton for winning her party’s nomination, an achievement that is remarkable on its own.  Let alone being the first female presidential candidate from a major party in the U.S. history.

I think it was Bill Clinton who said that in their golden years, Hilary wants to serve the public, and that is why she is running for the president of the United States.  An honorable mention by any standards.

But for Mrs. Clinton who has an unfavorable rating of 55.4% according to the latest Huffington Post’s report, her honesty or trustworthiness remains a central issue for the American voters.  She brought this impression on for the most part herself.  25 years in public service, you bound to develop a reputation.

Why then does she still want to serve in her golden years?  What motivates her?  Is it money, power, or thrill of victory?  The answers she presented at the Democratic Convention did not convince me.

How do you define service? Serving yourself? Serving others? Satisfying a need? Whose needs?

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