Day 7 Week 5 – Week In Review (31 Jul 2016)

7/31/2016 – rest day

Two comments about this week: one, being week number five,  a quarter of my marathon (20 weeks) training is behind me.  And two, in my eagerness to jump back into my training from travel, I missed an entry this Monday which would be:

7/25//2016 -AM run, 4 miles in my minimal shoes

I ran a total of 40 miles this week which is on par with my overall training plan.  Mindful of the summer heat, I have shifted to exclusively early morning runs.  And with the exception of the Saturday long (trail) run, I am running in my minimal shoes all the time now.  A timely transition.

Running in minimal shoes makes me more aware of the my posture, balance, and gait through the bottom feedback.  The training effect on my connective tissues and the need to supplement my running with the appropriate exercises are two key take away.

Lastly, Mrs. Clinton is now the Democratic Presidential nominee.  She along with other minor party nominees will be vying for American public’s votes in November against Mr. Trump, the Republican nominee.  Should be an interesting race in the next three months.

Have a great week!

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