Day 2 Week 6 – Value Creation

8/2/2016 – 6 AM run, cloudy & cool, 6 easy miles

I find more and more emails, texts, and phone messages trying to sell me things, and more and more I find myself ruthlessly deleting them.  Because they are offering me nothing of value.

Don’t get me wrong, I am an online shopper.  Big data, internet, and smartphone are my favorite tools.  Hello?  Why is it then these emails, texts, and phone messages are not hitting me with their best offer on the things that I am looking for?

Golden rule for any businesses, doesn’t matter what products or services they offer, is value creation for their customers.  Instead of wasting money on advertisements to get eyeballs, any eyeballs, best to invest on what Google calls the Micro-Moments where smart businesses are capturing the timing in delivering product, service or information right when the consumers need it.

That is what I call value creation.

Do you feel the pressure of online marketing?  Do you find values in these offers?

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