Day 3 Week 6 – Life Is Good (And Bad)

8/3/2016  – 7 AM run, overcast & cool, 6 easy miles plus 6 striders

Moments like this morning’s run, in the cool breeze of the summer dawn, makes everything decent and forgivable.  No worry, no pain, nothing unacceptable.  Every step is a pleasure.  Life is good.

Now change the scenario a bit: crank the heat up 20 degrees with the sum beaming down and full humidity, the same route would feel totally different.  Life would be less good or even bad (depend what shape you are in).

Life is filled with peaks and valleys.  We remember mostly the goods and try to forget the others.  Take a look at your photo album.  You will see what I mean.  It is human nature. But in reality  it is the bad experience that accentuate the good.  Like my morning run today.  The contrast makes us appreciate what we got, instead of taking things for granted.

Life is not all good nor can it be all bad.  As we go through it, it is up to us to make it work and to discover its meanings.

Comparing the high- and low lights of your life, do you believe the sum of it all is better than the individual events? Or the individual events “make” the total?

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