Day 6 Week 6 – Capacity To Love

8/6/2016 – 7 AM run, hot & humid, 11 miles

The 11 mile trail run this morning was just right.  Okay -“Bearable” may be a more accurate descriptor. The heat and humidity add difficulty to a run, equivalent to hill incline.  So I kept an easy pace and carried water for safe measure.

Lately the topic of love, specifically our capacity to love, has been occupying my interest. Maybe it’s the election year politics or the violence around the globe, the lyrics from the song What the world needs now [is love] seems apropos.

Our capacity to love starts with loving self.  How?

Do something for yourself.  Spend time alone.  Understand your preferences, dislikes, and history.  If those are too much, try a gift, a treat, or simply give attention toward self, like what I did for my run this morning.

Not that I am expert on this topic.  But Dr. Leo Buscaglio certainly is, and his talk on Speaking of Love is worth a listen.

How can we increase our capacity for love whether giving or receiving?

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